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Washing instructions

1. Do not wait too long to have them cleaned if they have stains. The more the stains stay on the tablecloth, the more difficult it is to wash.
2. Use stain remover on stains, let it sit for a few minutes and rub if needed. Do not let the stain remover dry on the items.
3. Wash in warm water using regular detergent, use ''heavy'' cycle if you have a lot of stains
4. Although it is not very likely to happen, if there is a stubborn stain that you notice after washing, it is important to re-wash and not put in the dryer. If you miss a stain and put it in the dryer, the drying process may bond the stain to the fabric fibers. 
In case a stain does not come off in a wash, it is recommended to soak the tablecloth overnight with Palmolive (or similar such as Sunlight) dish detergent. After soaking, rinse and go through a normal wash cycle in the machine. Again, this is exceptional and you do not need to do this normally.
5. Once your wash is done, use dryer on low heat for about 5 to 8 minutes. Do not over-dry your tablecloths as it may damage the fabric.